Welcome to the Videos section. Here you will find all the videos shot during WODs at CFN. Check back regularly for updates.

Open WOD 13.1

The open teaser


Jack Clean and Jerk

Jodie bar Muscle-up

Garage Games Airdyne amrap 16 for calories

Matt T cleans 300

Matt T 225 power snatch

CFN does open WOD 12.5

CFN does open WOD 12.4

CFN does open WOD 12.3

CFN does open WOD 12.2


CFN does open WOD 12.1

Jack does WOD 12.1

Jodie doing World Wide WOD #1

Montage of Jack and Michel at “The Beast”

Jack Hile does WOD 5 from “The Beast”

Jodie – athlete of the month

 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 deadlift/rhspt

Michele does 100 dbl-unders

CFNE Garage games

Gil’s deadlift, and diane

Barbells for boobs

Montage 3 – June 2010

workout in the park

Montage 2 – May 2010

Montage from 6pm WOD 05.27.10

Matt does Fran

Montage 1 – April 2010

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