Gil and Jodie,

“I have been training at Crossfit Newton for about two years.   I cannot begin to describe the transformation that my body and overall well being have gone through since I started training with Gill and Jodie.   They are excellent  coaches and they both have unique ability to motivate me and get me to continually improve my performance.  As a direct result of joining Crossfit Newton, at 44 years old, I am clearly in the best shape of my life.   I am particularly impressed by the community of athletes at Crossfit Newton.   With Jodie and Gill setting the tone, the Crossfit Newton community is one of inspiration, motivation and support.  Everyone, regardless of age or physical ability improves dramatically once they stick with the program.  It is quite enjoyable and motivational to watch the transformations.    I have played athletics my whole life and have never experienced the level of honest support, friendship and success that exists among the athletes at Crossfit Newton and throughout the Crossfit community.”

Fred Callori

Needham, Ma


Gil and Jodie

How’s everything going?! I hope all is well.  We’ve been underway here in New Haven Connecticut for a few weeks now with the strength training and conditioning and it has been going great, however I don’t think I would feel this good physically and be as mentally prepared for the rigorous D1 workouts had it not been for the 6 months I spent working out with you guys at CrossfitNewton.

On August 1 I sprained my ankle which was a huge setback both mentally and physically because on September 5th, the first day of classes at Yale, in order to participate in the basketball team activities I had to pass the fitness test of running a mile in under 5:45.  I had run a timed mile at CFN a couple of months earlier that summer in 5:38 so I wasn’t feeling too optimistic about making the time when I got to school seeing as how I wasn’t supposed to run on my ankle until the first week of September. However,I kept coming to CFN andstarted doing all the WOD’s, only without the running components. For the last 4 weeks of summer I would go about three times a week and was pushed by Gil and the rest of the CFN community to work as hard as possible, and on the day of my fitness test I ran my mile in 5:37.  This is a testament to the type of workout you get from Crossfit but more importantly CFN.  While some coaches could have given up on me, Gil gave me the personalized attention I needed to continue my workouts and maintain my fitness so that I would be able to go 4 weeks without running but still improve my cardiovascular strength.  On top of this, the kind of perseverance and dedication Gil and John directed towards me and my personal fitness goals motivated me to achieve them.  They gave me a sense of mental toughness that inspired me on the day of the test to say to myself “If I can make it through hundreds CFN WOD’s, I can kick this mile’s ass!” And sure enough, I did.

Thanks for all the hard work you put towards my goals,

Greg Kelley

D1 basketball, Yale University


I have been going to CFN for a little over a year. In that time I have completely transformed my life.I have lost weight (which at first was my primary goal) and gained strength. I have learned to push myself both mentally and physically when being challenged. This has bled into my normal, everyday life.  Just when you think your body can’t push any farther, your mind will push through that wall.

CFN has become my home away from home. It’s great to train where people have similar interests and help you reach your goals with their support. I will never go anywhere else.

Danielle K.

Newton, MA


Gil & Jodie,
Weight has always been an issue with me. Growing up I was classified

as an obese child. Eventually, through pressure and assistance from
family, I lost the weight, but once I left home and entered college I
immediately put on the freshman “thirty-five”. After college I entered
the real world with the excess weight and all time low self-esteem.
Additionally, being from New Hampshire, I felt lost and had zero
support here in Massachusetts. Determined to do something about my
weight, I joined a local gym down the road from where I lived only to
find the same feeling, lost and un-supported.

At work I found my excessive weight getting in the way of my progress.
Then, one day, I found Crossfit, which is what led me to CrossFit
Newton.  The first few months consisted of Gil’s determination to
teach me double unders while listening to a slew of complaints.  It
took one of the members challenging me to push myself.  I used that
challenge and what Gil had shown me to conquer double unders.  I have
not looked back.

Once I accomplished a few of the movements of Crossfit, thanks to Gil,
I wanted to tackle my next challenge, my eating habits.  Who would

have thought that eating a box of cereal every four days and having
chicken fettuccine alfredo twice a week was that bad for you?  Jodie,
you soon put that to an abrupt stop and began showing me the Paleo
diet and how it can benefit my overall health.  If you could have only

seen me the first day I walked into the store and bought vegetables.
From that day on I began showing up to work with steamed broccoli,
chicken and almonds.

I just want to say thank you to the both of you.  If it was not for
Gil showing me the movements and having me understand the mechanics of
Crossfit movements, I would still be trying to get one double under.
Jodie, if you never put the time aside to show me how to set up a

proper nutrition plan, I can guarantee that there would be at least
three pints of Ben and Jerry’s in my freezer.  The community that you
two have developed is what pushes me to the next level.

Grayson Sack

Natick, Ma


Gil, Jodie, and Matt,

 I want to thank you and the rest of the CFN community for a great year! The Crossfit Newton community is a special one and I’m proud to be a part of it. We sweat together, challenge each other, and teach one another; all the while having a great time. I’m fortunate to train with people that set the bar as high as they can for the entire community.

Thanks for changing my vocabulary. I’ve gone from using “I can’t” to saying “I want to…I can…I will”. You’ve created a limitless mind-set in the box. This has especially helped me during my recovery from knee surgery. You’ve been able to adjust workouts to meet my physical needs while still challenging me and keeping to the boundless attitude of Crossfit.

Thanks for supporting us through our individual goals and victories. You’ve showed us that short cuts don’t work but hard work does, that feeling supported and being supportive can lead to PRs and friendships, that our defeats sometimes teach us more than our victories, and that cheering for the underdog is just as fun as cheering for a sub 2 minute Fran.

Thank you for your world-class coaching and innate leadership.



CFN is kind and friendly

CFN is determined and ambitious

CFN is fair and reliable

CFN is supportive and inclusive

CFN is respectful and humble

CFN is intrepid and dynamic

CFN is limitless


In the past, my fitness level has seen many ups and downs.  The ups
were mostly when I lived in California–where an active lifestyle is
easier to maintain, and before I had kids–when working out didn’t
involve coordinating the schedules of three other people.  The downs
were after kids, when I moved, changed jobs, etc.  In the summer of
2010 I had reached my fitness low: I could barely run a mile, I hit
268lbs, and I just didn’t like how I felt.  On August 19th, 2010 I
went to the gym for the first time in a couple of years and started
doing the cardio and nautilus routine.
I made progress but I wanted to continue to push myself. I’d reached a
point where I couldn’t keep learning things on my own, so in December
2010 my wife gave me a gift of the On Ramp class at Crossfit Newton.
I remember the beginning when I struggled to make it through the
stretching portion, and I remember the four days of soreness
afterward.  In my first class after Onramp I met Jay and Fred.  While
I forget exactly what the WOD was, I do remember that the heart rate
monitor I wore hit 198bpm, my performance was terrible, and both Fred
and Jay introduced themselves.
In preparing this, I’ve thought a lot about what has attracted me to
and kept me in Crossfit.  The most important thing is the community
that makes up Crossfit Newton.  Many days I only show up because I
told someone in class that I would the day before.  Other days I’m
motivated by the amazing feats of the other athletes in the class,
especially when someone does a WOD in half the time it takes me.
Another very important aspect is the vocal encouragement of the
community.  Before Crossfit, no one noticed when I set a PR or finally
accomplished something I’ve been working toward.  At CFN, I’ve been
applauded dozens of times for various accomplishments.  Every time it
reinforces the progress I’ve made and motivates me to keep pushing
further.  Finally, I’m shocked at what I’ve been able to achieve.  I
used to need 140lbs of assistance to do a pull up.  Last week I strung
together three in a row, unassisted.  I’ve had to buy all new clothes
because my old shirts and pants look like tents.  I’ve lost almost 40
pounds and dropped six inches off my waist.  I used to use the 18” box
for WODs and this week I just did one on the 30” box.  What’s more, I
don’t think I would have realistically thought that my current
progress was attainable over the course of about a year.  Now I only
consider my accomplishments a starting point to achieve even more.
This next year, I’ll do unassisted pull ups in a WOD, do unassisted
ring dips, figure out double unders, and do HSPUs.  Thank you Gil,
Jodie, and everyone who goes to Crossfit Newton.



Gil and Jodie,

Tuesday, February 21 marks 1 year since the day I first walked into CrossFit Newton.  And boy, what a year it’s been.
Back then, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into.  I had just come back to the US after living In Australia for 5 years, and I’d only just barely moved to Boston – just settling into a job in a city where I didn’t know very many people.  That, combined with having an uncomfortable amount of weight on me made for a pretty miserable Heather. Having suffered through clinical depression once before (and 3 years of treatment), I knew I didn’t want to go down that road again.  I had to do something about it.
I’d learned of CrossFit from my younger brother.  He used the killer combo of CrossFit and the Paleo diet to lose about 80 pounds.  “If he can  do it”, I thought to myself, “then so can I.”  I started going more Paleo with my diet while searching the web for boxes close to where I lived and worked.  I came across a few, but CFN stood out.  I admit it – it was the website that drew me in. What can I say?  I’m a geek at heart.  These things stand out to me. 🙂  I signed up for onramp, and soon after was joining in the daily wods.
At first I was only going twice a week, and that seemed enough.  For about a month or two.  The addiction settled in (it takes hold of you *real* quick) and soon I was coming in as often as my body would let me.  The results were astounding.  Barely 4 months in, I did Fran.  Rx.  Granted, it took me over 11 minutes to finish, but I did it.  (That reminds me – I need to do it again soon.  I haven’t done Fran since then!).  The muscle packed on, the bad weight melted off.  I was soon showing up 5 times a week – and my numbers continued to skyrocket.
Shortly after I joined CFN, last year’s Open was going on.  I remember watching everyone in awe, wondering if I’d ever be strong enough to do what you guys were doing.  Cut to now, and not only am I doing all of last year’s Open workouts Rx, I’m getting reasonable scores on them.  I couldn’t be happier with where I’m at.  I’m close to deadlifting 300 pounds.  My back squat has hit 200.  I’m SO CLOSE to a muscle up.  I can handstand pushup and butterfly kip along with the best of them.  But the strength isn’t the only thing that keeps me here.  The community you’ve built around this box is one of the best I’ve ever encountered and been lucky to be a part of.  A year ago I was alone, and today you’re all some of the best friends I have.
The past year I spent just getting into shape.  This coming year?  It’s time to level up.  I’m turning on badass mode.  Bring it.
Thanks to you both, and to everyone who comes to CrossFit Newton. You all rock.
~ Heather D

Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you!  I didn’t quite meet my 1/2 marathon goal this morning, but still finished in 1:51 (with only a couple of runs in the last few weeks).  My legs are so much stronger than ever before, and even more important is that I’m ok pushing myself, feeling uncomfortable, and keeping moving.  Mentally, this was my strongest race ever.  All thanks to cfn- so i drafted this note in my head at around mile 10 to make sure you guys know how much i appreciate it!  I crossed the finish line, hugged Patrick, and both of our first comments were about how amazing Crossfit is.  It’s absolutely the only reason I was able to keep moving today with no where near enough “regular” training.

Kim T


Hi Gil,

I wanted to share with you that I worked 25 hours “straight” from Saturday morning to Sunday morning with only 2 1/2 hours sleep before starting. I work for New England Organ Bank and when I get the call, I have to go because time is of the essence with my work. It is not too often that my group works more than 24 hours straight, but when we do, it take a tole on our bodies. It usually takes a couple of days to fully recover. But not this time for me. I know it has a lot to do with my physical conditioning that I receive at Cross Fit Newton under you and the coaches direction. I want to give my thanks to all of you for your attention to the specificity of my form during the workouts and also the drive to help me Excel. 
Matt C
Hey Gil,I’ve been meaning to email you since last week. Thank you for your support when I took a digger during box jumps. It was so nice that you brought an ice pack over to me after. What meant the most though was how you encouraged me to keep going during the workout. I was ready to throw in the towel and cry (man that hurt!), but you helped me to finish, and I’m so glad I did. I fell down, got up and kept going–good lesson for life. 🙂 Thanks for your support.Hope you had a great weekend!

Jen M


Just as FYI from a satisfied customer, yesterday was my first long run since starting crossfit. I am happy to say because of crossfit I was able to run almost pain free in the hip and glute! First pain free long run in almost 4-5 yrs. No pain upon waking up. Huge upgrade!
Thanks for everything!
Van E
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