Thursday 1.23.14


Attention CFN athletes!!!

We will be switching to a new operating system so you all will be getting an email from a third party letting you know that they will be doing our billing. You can trust them. During this switch you will not be able to sign up for class. Once everyone has switched over  each athlete in the gym must sign up for class. Please keep signing up for class till you have switched over to the new system. 

If this is confusing for you don’t hesitate to email us

Thank you  🙂

1. press

heavy single

2. EMOM 20

5-7 sto@70% of heavy single press

5-10 pull-ups(if you need more than the green band do 8-12 ring rows.



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One Comment on “Thursday 1.23.14”

  1. jodie c Says:

    I think you mean that you won’t be able to sign up for class on the NEW system until everyone has switched over. It will become apparent on the blog when that time has happened! In the meantime, just keep signing up for class the way you have been doing on the mindbody system. Somewhere around Feb. 20th the new schedule will show up on the website for you to sign up on. Make sense? 🙂

    just a little clarification.


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