In-House Comp WODS

OK everyone, here are the WOD’s for the in-house comp on Saturday. We still need some people to sign up for the A, b and c groups. Please take a look at the sign up sheet and grab someone to partner up with. If you have any questions please email me as soon as possible so we can clear things up.

I would like everyone to be here at 8 am. I will go over the WODS and standards then. You will judge each other. If your heat isn’t up, you will be judging. Heat assignments will be up when you get to the gym on Saturday morning. Good luck everyone and have an AWESOME time!!!!

WOD 1A                                              

50 Back squats@135/95                

60 pull-ups

50 Push-press@115/80

60 toes to bar

50 front squats@135/95


50 back squats@115/80

60 pull-ups

50 push press@95/65

60 knees to chest

50 front squats@115/80


50 back squats@95/65

40 ring rows

50 push-press@65/45

40 ring rows

50 front squats@95/65

All reps are shared for this WOD.  Just complete the work. You may not move on to the next movement till you complete the one before it. There is a 20 min time cap on this WOD. You will only have one bar. You must change the weights when transitioning in and out of the push-press.

WOD 2A                                             

3 rounds

40 deadlifts@225/155

100 dubs


3 rounds

40 deadlifts@185/125

100 lateral parralette hops


3 rounds

40 deadlifts@135/85

100 lateral bar hops

Again, all reps are shared. During the deadlifts one of you must hold an n-sit. If your knees drop below your hips the deadlifts must stop. during the double unders or hops, one of you must pick up the barbell and hold it at the top of the deadlift. If you need to put the bar down, the double unders must stop. You must both complete the deadlifts before moving on to the next movement. Once you both complete the cycle three times you are done. there is a 20 min time cap on this WOD.

WOD 3                                                  

10 min on the clock

6 rounds(3 each)

row 12/9 calories

6 bobj@A 24/20, B 24/20, C 20/16

max power cleans@A 135/95, B 115/75, C 95/65

in remaining time

You must both complete 3 rounds of the rowing and burpee box jumps before continuing on to the power cleans. Once your partner gets off the rower you may hop on and start your row.  You do not have to wait for your partner to finish their round to start yours. score is number of cleans accumulated.  


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