Wednesday 1.8.143.


For those of you who are competing this weekend, this will be the last day you are working out before the comp. Thursday will be a day off from the gym and Friday will be a day to just come in and move. For those of you who are not competing this weekend, you should be competing this weekend. There are three different categories to choose from so there shouldn’t be a reason not to compete. Unless you just can’t make it, of course. 

All athletes and judges must be here at 8am. We will go over WODs and standards of WODs at that time and answer any questions you might have. The WODs will be released tomorrow before Thursdays WOD post.  Because so many  people will be competing, we will just judge for each other during the day.

If anyone has questions about what to eat the day before, day of, or during the comp please email me. 

Don’t forget about the post holiday party on Saturday night as well. The festivities start at 7pm. Also, if you would like to participate in the yankee swap please bring a gif t($20 cap). Last year was a blast. We had over 100 people here. Let’s try to beat that this year. Please bring some type of drink to share. You don’t wanna miss this party. It’s gonna be awesome!!!!!  And, thanks to Dave, we will have 42 inch TV with the patriots game on.  WOO HOO!!!

Todays WOD

1. Pause Back squat

3 sets of 3@70-75%

Pause 2 sec at the bottom. Focus on a tight back throughout. especially on the way up.

2. Snatch

75-80% x 2 on the min for 10 min.

Focus on getting under the bar quickly and keeping the bar tight to your body. If you are not comfortable with the full snatch you may do a power snatch or hang power snatch. 

3. KBS

Max unbroken swings x 3@53/35

rest 2 min between efforts. Try to hold on as long as you can.

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