Monday 1.6.14

cfn-throwdown-pic (3)

The in-house competition is this Saturday. There will be two sign up sheets at the gym. One will be for partnered athletes, the other will be for athletes who would like to compete but don’t yet have a partner. Specify what group you are in. Standards for groups are in last Wednesdays post.  If you do not wish to compete please sign up to judge. The comp will run from 9am – 3pm-ish.  If you need help with nutrition and what to eat/drink between  workouts, please let one of the coaches know and they can give you some guidance.

More importantly than the competition, the post holiday party will be this Saturday, as well. The party will start at 7pm at CFN. Blue Ribbon BBQ will be catering the food and, thanks to Warren’s roommate, we will have a bartender. Please bring a bottle of whatever you’d like to drink/share. We are also having a yankee swap. If you’d like to participate please bring a wrapped gift ($20 cap). We know the Patriots are playing on Sat. night so we will have the TV tuned in to the game too.  🙂  Should be a GREAT night!!!  You don’t want to miss it!

1. Front squat

3 sets of 5@85%

2. 5 rounds

row 250

10 thrusters@95/65

rest 2 min



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6 Comments on “Monday 1.6.14”

  1. Liz Rover Bailey Says:

    Gil – you and I had discussed: Will Group B allow box step-ups (maybe to a higher box than the box jumps)?


  2. Megan Morahan Says:

    how many WODS on Saturday?


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