1.2.14 Members of the month + In-House Comp + WOD

January’s members of the month


Emily Rome


Derek Hogan

How long have you been doing crossfit?
ER – About a year and 3 months
DH – About 2 years. I’ve been a runner for most of my life and have always wanted to increase my upper body strength
How long have you been at CFN?
ER – I started at CFN when I began crossfit last September
DH – I’ve been @ CFN for most of the two years I’ve been doing crossfit . I live in Southie so I workout there during the summer.
Do you remember the first day you walked into CFN?  What wod did you do and how did you feel?
ER – My first experience at CFN was an On Ramp with Matt T.  I have a very, very minimal athletic background (as in nothing from 4th grade through graduate school…) and I had just, in the last couple years, started running and classes at my gym.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect from crossfit although everything I had read about seemed like it would be up my alley.  Matt looked a little intimidating (he’s strong!) but was very warm and helped me through some of the basics.  I believe we worked on back squats that first day – and I believe also a short WOD with situps, push ups, and squats?  I wish I had kept better notes in that very beginning stage so I could have record of all my improvements
DH – My first crossfit workout had a wall climb in it.  I was very proud that I completed all the reps and boasted to ShuYe and Jodie. They congratulated me and promptly asked “Did your chest touch the wall each time?”  DAMN!!!
What is your favorite lift/movement?

ER – My favorite movement is definitely hand stand push-ups.  These are something I never imagined being able to do – and it turns out to be one of my strong suits.  I also enjoy working on the olympic lifts.  I’m definitely a competitive person (with myself) and I find it very motivating to be able to concretely measure my improvement with new PRs.

While I can’t claim them as a “favorite” I would also add pull-ups and rope climbs to this list since I’m still shocked I can do either one
DH – I like double-unders – many days of practice.  It would be great if I could learn how do a $%#@ kipping pull-up
What is your favorite wod?
ER – There are so many to choose from – and plenty that I hate in the middle of attempting them, but feel very accomplished when I’m done.  One of the most memorable for me was “Cindy” that I completed at Thanksgiving this year.  (1 mile run, 300 squats, 200 push-ups, 100 pull ups, 1 mile run.)  With just over a year of crossfit I managed to shave several minutes off my mile run time (both at the beginning and the end of the WOD), and complete 100 unassisted pull ups when before starting crossfit I couldn’t even do a single one
DH – Murph was fun, but my favorite is Cindy. I’m pretty good at push-ups and pull-ups
What is your least favorite lift/movement?
ER – Rowing and wall balls are tied for last place.  Being short doesn’t help with either of these movements – and while I definitely have improved somewhat, I still get frustrated with my slow speed on both of these.
DH – One evil word – squat.  It’s not-so-fun when a mother in her third trimester is pounding out overhead squats with a weighted barbell and I’m struggling with my PVC pipe.  I am getting better though.
What is your least favorite wod?
ER – My least favorite WOD was during the Open last year – 150 wall balls, and then a bunch of double unders and muscle ups.  I don’t even remember the end because I couldn’t get through all the wall balls in the time limit.  I had a lot of “no reps” when I didn’t get the ball high enough or it failed to hit the wall.  And my arms got SO tired!
DH – Fran! I’m not sure why, but my Fran time is getting worse.  I also hate when Gil makes me do the dreaded sled push.
What accomplishments have you had since you have been a member of CrossFit Newton?

ER – Most importantly I have found a way of exercising I adore.  I truly am excited to come to class each day (I have a hard time making myself take rest days!), I look forward to seeing my new crossfit friends, and I can’t wait to challenge myself with the WOD.  I’m so enthusiastic I have had to consciously prevent myself from boring my friends and colleagues with endless crossfit discussion.

I am in SO much better shape than I was coming into CFN.  Between working out and eating paleo I have lost a significant amount of weight (over 50 total and about 30 since starting crossfit.)  For me, focusing on getting stronger instead of aiming to be skinnier has been much less emotionally charged and ultimately much more successful.  And I have gotten SO much stronger – I have increased my weight in every lift by at least 25% and improved my cardio a ton
DH – Double unders, rope climbs and front squats.  Couldn’t do any of these when I started.
What are you goals for the future?
ER – Part of what I love about crossfit is that in someways it never gets any easier – the end goals just keep moving.  I want to keep increasing my weights on all the lifts, I want to run and row faster, and I want to keep improving my skills.  Specifically right now I’m focused on more effectively stringing together my pull ups and being able to consistently do double unders.  In the long term future I’d love to be able to add muscle ups to my repertoire, but for now I’ll settle on more unassisted ring dips.
DH – I would love to master a kipping pull up. A muscle up would be epic.

CFN In-House same sex comp

Here are the details I promised:

What’s the date and what time does it start? 9am on January 11th. This is a full day competition.

What is a same sex competition –  This means that each team will consist of either two guys or two girls.

How many WODs will there be? Three plus a final.

How do I sign up? we will have a sign up at the gym in the next couple of days

What if I don’t have a partner? When you sign up at the gym let us know if you need a partner and we will find you one.

Can I participate? Most of you should be able to participate. If you have any questions or concerns or you’re not sure if you can participate or not please speak to one of the coaches. My hope is that 85-95% of the gym will participate in some aspect, either as a competitor or as a judge. This Competition is being held to strengthen the CFN community. It’s a great way to strengthen the bond you have with athletes you workout with every day and create one with athletes who you haven’t met before. This competition is for fun and that’s the goal here.

What are the standards? There will be 3 groups(A, B, and C). You will fall into one of them. It should be pretty clear which one.

Group A

Cleans 135/95, Unassisted Pull-ups, Toes to bar, Box jumps@24/20, Deadlift@225/155, Shoulder to overhead 115/80, Kbs@53/35, Wall balls@20/14

Group B

Cleans@95/65, Pull-ups(green band or no band), toes to bar men/knees to chest women, Box jumps@24/20, Deadlift@205/135, Shoulder to overhead@95/65, Kbs@53/35, Wall balls@20/14

Group C

Cleans@95/65, Ring rows, Knee tucks, Box jumps or step ups@24/20, Deadlift@185/115, Shoulder to overhead@75/55, kbs@44/25, Wall balls@15/10


Todays WOD

1. Back Squat







2. EMOM 16

Even min = row :30 sec max calories(this is an all out effort)

Odd min = 5 sto(start@70-75% and go up if you can)

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