Testers and WOD for Monday

For the next two weeks we will be establishing some baselines.  These baseline scores will dictate the weight, rep schemes and movements you will use for your WODs.  Once you complete your baseline you will write your score on the whiteboard.  There will be space for each of you to write down all your scores. Those of you who already know some of your max’s will use this time to practice one of your skills.  If you miss one of the baselines you will make it up on another day.

You will no longer have to worry about what weight to use, how far to row/run or how many pull-ups to do.

The schedule will go as follows:


snatch; heavy single or 1-1-1-1-1-1-1@85-90% 1 rm

(if you are not yet comfortable with the snatch you will use this time to practice your skill

Back squat; heavy single or 3×3 pause squat@75% 2 sec pause at the bottom

max calorie airdyne in 1 min


overhead press; heavy single

Max pull-ups in 1 min(if you can not yet do pull-ups you will do 5 sets of 2 assisted pull-ups no bands)

1 mile run


Deadlift; heavy single (if you already know your 1rm you will do 3 sets of 5@75-80%)

Row 1000 meters TT

max burpees in 1 min


make-up baseline

regular day


make-up baseline

regular day


Make-up baseline

regular day

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