Thursday 9.12.13


Dan and Elizabeth

Attn CFN athletes!!! 

We have a new goal board and I want you all to use it. This board is here to motivate you, give you something to shoot for. Some examples of things you can write would be: 10 unbroken pull-ups or 1 strict pull-up, 1 handstand push-up with no abmats or handstand, Better ankle mobility, run a mile, eat better, foam roll more, increase back squat by 5lb, clean 5 more lbs. Keep these goals achievable within a two or 3 month time frame. Maybe add some smaller goals that will help you get closer to a larger goal. Bottom line is, if you put down a goal that takes forever to achieve you will lose motivation. Keep yourself motivated by keeping it simple. Think about it and when you come in, write something down. I wanna see the board full. 


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1. Halting Deadlift

3 sets of 3 reps

no heavier than 70%1rm

On the way up stop just below the knee and just above the knee. No heavier than 75%1rm.

Partner WOD

row 250 meters

6 box jumps over the box@24/20

x 10(5 rounds each. Rest while your partner completes the round). Try to keep your rounds consistent.

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2 Comments on “Thursday 9.12.13”

  1. Erick Says:

    Love this idea


  2. aubrey Says:

    really excited about the goals board! i have so many i could probably fill the whole thing by myself. i will prioritize and get them up there 🙂


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