WOD #3 for Mass Mayhem

WOD 3:

“Sound Of Deafening Awesomeness”


Sled Pull 50 Yards 180

60/50 Deadlifts 225/185 (shared)

Sled Pull 50 Yards 180





Sled Pull 50 Yards 110

60/50 Deadlifts 155/115 (shared)

Sled Pull 50 Yards 110


15-Minute Cap


In this event the two men will complete the workout and then the two women. Athlete one will pull the sled 25 yards with athlete two walking with him/her. They will turn the sled around and then athlete two will pull the sled back while athlete one follows. Once back to the starting point they will strip the weight off the sled and load all of it onto the barbell. Between the two athletes they will complete 50 deadlifts. Every athlete must complete at least one rep. Once all repetitions are completed they will strip the weight off of the barbell and place it back on the sled. They will then repeat the sled pull to finish the workout. Team members will then lower the weight for the women and they will progress through the workout in the same fashion. Each team will receive two scores for this workout. A split time once the men finish and then an overall time once the women finish. If time is up before your team has completed the workout then one second will be added on to for every rep not completed. There will be a cone every five yards for the sled pull. Each five-yard distance will be counted as one repetition. The sled must be completely past the cone for that rep to count. Penalties for this WOD include a no rep for dropping the deadlift from the top. All reps must be controlled back to the ground. 



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