Mass Mayhem WODS 1 and 2

WOD 1:
“Holy Shit Snacks”
Each Athlete Will Complete:
50 Calorie row(Scaled: 30 calorie row)
25 Front Squats 135/95(scaled: 20 front squats@95/65)
75 Double Unders(50 lateral parallette hops)

18-Minute Cap

One athlete starts on the rower. Once they complete the row they move on to the front squats and the second athlete can get on the rower. You will continue in this fashion until all four athletes have completed the workout or the time has run out. Only one athlete is allowed at any given station at any given time. If the athlete in front of you is still working you may not advance to the next station nor can the athlete behind you advance. However, if the station in front of any athlete is empty he/she may advance even if the athletes behind him/her are not done. There is one score for this workout. When your final athlete finishes his/her double unders the time will stop. For each repetition not completed for each athlete, one second will be added on. Note that you must work as a team to change the weight between the men and women in whatever order you have chosen. Front squats should be below parallel and hip fully extended at the top. The first rep may be squat cleaned. Penalties for this WOD include a no rep for dropping the front squat weight in an uncontrolled manner and a five second penalty added on to your team’s finishing time for grabbing the rower handle before go or letting go of it before reaching the 50/30 calorie mark.

WOD 2:
4 Rounds
30 KB Swings 70/53 (shared) scaled: 53/35
25-Yard KB Walking Lunge 70/53(scaled: 53/35)
50-Yard Sprint
25-Yard KB Walking Lunge 70/53
30 KB Swings 70/53 (shared)

18-Minute Cap

This workout will be done in mixed sex pairings. The pairs will alternate rounds until all four rounds are complete (two rounds per pair) or time has run out. Each working athlete will have his/her own kettlebell. The 30 kb swings are shared between the two athletes. They do not have to do equal numbers but each athlete must do at least one. Both athletes will lunge at the same time holding the kettlebell in the front rack position. The kettlebell may not be rested on the shoulders and both hands must be on the kettlebell at all times. The 50 yard sprint is also done at the same time. During this WOD the team must move to the next exercise at the same time. One athlete may not start the next exercise till the other is done.



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