Tank Tops! Please respond…

Ok, ladies, everyone has been asking for tank tops.  I think we have a cool design planned, but having a hard time deciding on color.  Also, burnout or no burnout?  Take a look at the links here and let us know your thoughts.  We can’t please everyone, of course, but just want to get a sense of the majority.   Please comment to this post with your top 3 colors and whether you like burnout or not.  THANK YOU!

Burnout Racerback Tank Top

Regular Racerback Tank



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19 Comments on “Tank Tops! Please respond…”

  1. ashleykrahn Says:

    Yay tank tops! I don’t have a huge preference between burnout and regular but I think I like the burn out colors better. So I’d pick burnout in neon pink, shocking pink or tahiti blue – pretty much any bright color 🙂


  2. Liz Says:

    Also excited for tank tops! I love the look & feel of burnout, but am finding that mine don’t survive long in the laundry. So really no preference. For color, anything dark or bright – just not a pastel or pale color. I’m going to get one and love it and live in it no matter what it is.


  3. Kristen Says:

    Yay!! No burnout- red, black, or white


  4. Jessica Cummings Says:

    The burnout ones look cool but don’t last long and get holes. I’d lean toward regular in blue, teal, plum, or berry.


    • jessica4cummings Says:

      I’m amending my answer – Southie has those bright green ones so i’d avoid those – but the neon pink burnout ones would look great at a competition.. just sayin’


  5. spezzy Says:

    Ok so.

    First, I fully expect the ability for me to purchase one online and have it shipped 🙂


    At NF we had Bella tanks made and got a lot of complaints about them falling apart quickly, stretching, etc.

    The burnouts are one of our highest selling items and we have had no complaints – I have them in like 5 colors and love them, haven’t had any issues with holes or wearing out, i got mine last… October? And have worn them a lot. But that’s could be just me.


  6. Heather Says:

    I would go regular, in either black, ocean blue, plum or berry.


  7. Ellen Says:

    Burnout, black, gray, white!


  8. Barb Says:

    I don’t have a preference to burnout or non-burnout. The only color I don’t like is light pink. Everything else is great!


  9. Jennifer Raineault Says:

    I like the burnout ones in neon pink, tahiti blue, shocking pink and purple rush– really any of the bright colors. I’ll be happy with whatever you guys end up choosing– it’ll be nice to have a CFN tank 🙂


  10. Emily Rome Says:

    I’d vote for burnout in shocking pink, tahiti blue, or royal blue. Can’t wait to wear mine whatever the color and style though!


  11. lindseycardin Says:

    Burnout! Neon Green, Neon Pink or Black (matches with everything :))


  12. Annie Says:

    I’d vote for royal, purple, black, or pink burnout (in that order). Or Midnight, ocean blue, or plum in the regular. They both look quite sheer, but maybe that’s the point? Just wondering how well they’d hold the design….


  13. Jennifer Lopez Says:

    Excited for new tanks! I’d go with the burnout in tahiti blue, neon green or any of pink shades.


  14. afriedl Says:

    Burnout! Any color. Yay Tank Tops!


  15. aubrey Says:

    i like the burnout colors better so that’s my vote. NEON! 🙂


  16. Amy Says:

    I like the burnout as well… in shocking pink, black, and purple rush 🙂


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