Monday 6.10.13


A great blog by Sharon, for those of you who love food

Sharon Pregler Bishop has been an athlete here at CrossFit Newton for over a year.  She told me about her food blog the other day and I must say, there are some really great recipes on there.  Very eclectic and fun. Check it out!!! 

Click here for the link


Next week we are starting a new strength program which will be completed before each WOD.  We will be going to be going through two week cycles and repeating them while adding weight each cycle. The movements we will be working on are: Back squats, front squats, overhead presses, push press, clean and snatch style deadlifts, snatches and clean and jerks. 


Congrats to all the CFN athletes who competed at the CrossFit 2A competition this weekend. 

Mikey, Liz, Jessica, Tanya, Raff, and Ashley K.

Awesome job guys!!!!!


1. Hang power snatch


2. 3 rounds

A. 1 min amrap kbs@53/35

rest :30 sec

B. 1 min amrap wall balls

rest :30 sec

C. run 400 meters

rest 2 min

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2 Comments on “Monday 6.10.13”

  1. Jodie Cohen Says:

    Sharon’s blog is AMAZING!!!! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Sharon Says:

    Whee!! Thanks for the shout out!


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