Thursday 5.2.13

Chad Vaughn, slow motion clean and jerk

1. L-Sit

accumulate 2:00


2. sled push/pull

5 rounds

Sled push 25 yards, start@225/155

Sled pull 25 yards, start@225/155

25 yard alligator walk(scale to bear crawl if the bear crawl is tough)

Rest till it’s your turn again. If 225/155 feels pretty easy go up in weight. You may go up in weight each round if possible.

Alligator walk video

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One Comment on “Thursday 5.2.13”

  1. aubrey Says:

    i stayed at 155# throughout today’s workout but i was happy that the pull, which i’ve only done once before, felt ever so slightly easier today! the last time i remember having verrry tough time in the 3rd-5th rounds, i think even pausing for a rest a few times. but today i felt like i was consistent and i got through it. next time i’ll add a few more pounds.

    also, first time doing alligator walks. um, gil makes it look a lot easier than it is. i did half alligator walks, half bear crawls each round.


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