Thursday 4.11.12

Going away BBQ for the Bakers

Saturday April 20th@1:00, at CFN

We are very sad to say that our very good friends and fellow crossfitters, the Bakers, are leaving CrossFit Newton.  They have been with us since September of 2011.  In that time they have become a big part of our community. Most of the pictures you see on the blog were taken by Mandy and all the video of our journey through the open this year and last have been recorded by Ken. Every time you walk through the front doors you all see the AMAZING front desk Ken designed and built for us.  The gun racks that hold the oly bars and gives us more space were put up by Ken. Many of us have become very good friends with the Baker family and we all are very saddened by the news of them moving back to Canada.   Olivia still refers to their son Zack as “ONE of” her boyfriends.

Ken and Mandy, you have both been a constant positive influence in our community and in our lives.  Jodie, Olivia,  and I can not truly express how sad we are that you are leaving.  

Please try to make the BBQ if you can to say farewell  to our really great friends.

We love you guys!!!!!!!

Your family has really changed our view of Canadians! 

Please comment to this post if you think you might be coming to the party so we can plan for food.


The Baker family

1. Strict overhead press

1 rm

2. Jerk

1 rm

3. Amrap 7

7 deadlifts@225/155

run 200 meters

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11 Comments on “Thursday 4.11.12”

  1. shannonbuada Says:

    Matt and I will be coming but probably not until 3 or 4.


  2. Heather Donnelly Says:

    I’ll be there at some point. My mom will be in town that day, so I may drag her along, too. 🙂


  3. Liz Says:

    Nooooo! Ken & Mandy, don’t leave us!

    I should be able to be there — looking forward to it (though not happy about the cause for it).


  4. jessica4cummings Says:

    Mike and I will be there!!


  5. Sylvia Says:

    Oh, too bad. I am making beer that day. Mandy and Ken, I will miss you very much and will say goodbye later then.


  6. aubrey Says:

    Tom and I will be there 🙂


  7. swentzell Says:

    I’ll be there!


  8. Chris McCartin Says:

    I’ll be there, too!


  9. John Anderson Says:

    Chastity and I will be there!


  10. Yash Says:

    I shall be there!


  11. Susie Says:

    Count me in 🙂


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