Friday 3.29.13

1. Bent Row


Focus on squeezing the lats and keeping a neutral lower back position. Mechanics first, intensity second.

2. “Klingon Surprise”


6 pullups

12 squats

24 dbl unders


If you are planning to do 13.4 on Saturday, do the following instead:

3 rounds:

row 250

12kbs 53/35

Work on mobility afterwards.




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8 Comments on “Friday 3.29.13”

  1. Chris McCartin Says:

    Some of us are heading to Bison County tomorrow night around 5:45. Swing by for meat and beverages with us!


  2. collinmurray Says:

    I kind of feel like that dog sometimes in front of the bar.

    btw Im going to bison county


  3. aubrey Says:

    i might go to bison county depending on how long you guys are there, buuuut, either way, i got 15 double unders this morning so it’s a good day!! yay i can finally string them together!



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