Friday 2.8.13

Stay tuned for Friday and Saturdays schedule. Classes will be normal for the morning. If evening classes are canceled Friday we will add an 11:30am class to the morning schedule.


The 2013 registration is now open. To register create an account(do not register as an affiliate) or use your account from last year and choose CrossFit newton as your  gym and you’re all set.  So sign up now!!!!

Click here and let’s kick ass and have some fun



Strict. Focus on a tight midline and use a deficit if possible.

2. “snow, go, toe, blow, so, show, grow”

5 rounds

row 250

10 push press 115/75

rest 2 min


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3 Comments on “Friday 2.8.13”

  1. Chris McCartin Says:

    HSPU: 5×5 with 1 abmat. The last 2 reps on the last 2 sets were pretty tough, but I managed to get through them

    WOD: 17:18 with 115#


  2. aubrey Says:

    I did my first handstand pushup today! 25# and 1 abmat 🙂


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