Friday 1.25.13

push press

1. romanian deadlift (rdl)


2. “one, glass of champagne for me, two, glass of champagne for you”

4 rounds

50yd sled push 200/150

15 deadlifts 225/155

rest 3 minutes



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2 Comments on “Friday 1.25.13”

  1. SACKrifice Says:

    Alright, I typically never give any words of encouragement or compliments, it is just not in my ideolect. However, today is a special occasion and that lucky person is Joel.

    This AM Joel walked into CFN ready to CRUSH the WOD. He was ready to rip it apart in the same style a 5 year old will eat a chocolate cake. However, Joel was stopped and could not begin the WOD. Not because of lack of oly bars or plates, but because of all the KBs, mismatched plates being stacked and used athletic tape on the ground. During Joel’s very valuable time… he stopped, set himself on a mission, a mission that I (Grayson) suggested and he picked up all of these items and ORGANIZED them!

    I am not saying the AM class is perfect (ohh, wait, we are!) but CFN is everyones home away from home!

    Whenever I need a break from my life, I know Amanda will be at CFN ready and able to join in our ongoing circle game!

    Whenever Ken is about to be deported back to Canada, he knows he has a safe place for hiding at CFN!

    Whenever Jay Y. needs a break from dressing so well, he knows he can go to CFN, dress down in last years Lu Lu Lemon outfits and not be JUDGED!

    Whenever Dan A. needs a break from stalk piling basketball items at Models, he has CFN!

    Whenever Semi-Pro (Michele) needs to a place to work on being awesome, she has CFN!

    What I am getting at everyone is basically lets help Joel get better at Crossfit by helping him out with putting back what we take out!


  2. ashleykrahn Says:

    Thank you Joel! Also, I think he could lift better if he wore tank tops instead of long sleeves. Just sayin…


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