Hoodies are in!

The hoodies are in!

Each sweatshirt has been marked with initials on the inside tag.  Please do not take a hoodie until 1. you pay for it ($55) and 2. someone gives you the right one with your initials in it.  We will be keeping them behind the desk so we can get them allocated accordingly.

There is a sign out sheet at the front desk.  Please sign it when you take yours and have paid for it.   If you have already taken one, please check the initials on the inside tag to make sure it’s really yours.  The colors are confusing.  Also sign the sheet at the front desk so we can keep an inventory of what’s been taken thus far.

Thank you all so much.  I hope you enjoy them.  They all came out so nice!!!!



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6 Comments on “Hoodies are in!”

  1. Amy Says:

    Are checks ok?? And are these the Lululemon hoodies too?


  2. jodie cohen Says:

    oh, and by the way, the lulu ones are in as well. there is no further charge for those (I think $108 for a hoodie is expensive enough!!!) but please make sure that you all grab the right one. I hope everyone marked them accordingly. They look ridiculously amazing!!!!! ENJOY!


  3. Megan Morahan Says:

    I’ll bring the one I grabbed back in tonight! Hopefully it was labeled incorrectly and it’s mine or mine shows back in the box. They look amazing. Thanks again!


  4. Maija Says:

    Yayyyyy!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!


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