Friday 12.28.12



1. Bent row

4 sets of 5

2. “Cinnamon and Cyanide”

3 rounds

row 300 meters

15 deadlifts@225/155

15 box jumps@24/20

3 min between rounds

scale as needed



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6 Comments on “Friday 12.28.12”

  1. amy Says:

    subbed hspu for the box jumps (actually, more like 1″ dips upside down)
    95# for the deadlift
    and held a turtle pace for the row


    **i came to my favorite 5:30am class for the 1st time in forever
    **i did the wod
    AND most importantly
    **my back is holding up ok!
    i’m a happy camper.


  2. dalting12 Says:

    Rows – 5×135, 5×185, 5×205, 5×225

    WOD 17:20 Rx everything felt slow this morning.

    It’s good to see Joel’s Japanese hair getting featured on the blog


    • SACKrifice Says:

      It is not just a fashion statement but gives him the super powers he needs to complete these types of WODs. Just look how jealous Tom is in the background. He can only wish he had Joel’s super power!


      • dalting12 Says:

        I am not sure but it looks like Tom is admiring the compression on compression shirts that Joel is filling out.

      • tomthu12 Says:

        You guys are onto me. You don’t realize how excited I was the past two days when Joel decided to do the WOD right in front of me.

      • SACKrifice Says:

        Tom, I get what you mean. I was a little upset when Joel did not wear is signature long sleeve compression shirt under a sleeveless shirt today. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully another great hair day for Joel!

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