Monday 12.24.12

I had a 12 days of Christmas WOD planned, but I think this would be much better.


Victoria Soto

Victoria Soto has come to be known for her instinctive heroism in saving the lives of many of her young students. She was a sister, a cousin and a friend, someone who had a passion for teaching but also a beguiling “goofball” side that delighted her friends and relatives. 

In her eulogy, the Rev. Meg Boxwell Williams praised Ms. Soto as a “quick-thinking, beautiful, selfless person” who huddled her first-grade pupils into a closet and cupboards and hurried others to escape as a determined gunman invaded the school.

“When she hugged you, she put her whole heart and soul into every hug she gave.” said her roommate from Eastern Connecticut state University.

“Her last act was selfless, Christlike in laying down her life for her children,” Said a colleague.” 

She is a true hero. While suffering through this WOD please remember what Victoria went through.


5 rounds

10 thrusters@95/65

14 box jumps@24/20

12 sdhp@95/65

12 burpees

27 kbs@53/35

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5 Comments on “Monday 12.24.12”

  1. jodie c Says:

    I can’t think of anything more important to do tomorrow than this hero wod. I plan on keeping Victoria and the other 25 innocent victims in my heart throughout.


  2. Jen Says:

    Great idea for a WOD!! Was looking forward to doing this one…no crossfit in the middle of nowhere northern Ireland!! Will have to work it in one day when we get back.


  3. Bill Says:

    Really nice workout this morning…Moment of silence was a nice touch.

    Very difficult WOD, but found it tough to bitch and whine about it while doing it.

    Finished in 29:01Rx.

    Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all get to enjoy this time w/ your families. I certainly will.



  4. sheb14 Says:

    Didn’t drive in from Somerville, but did it at the local gym. This was a tough one, but worth it. Finished in 30:41 (55# bar and 30#kbs)


  5. Jessica Says:

    I’m not from NewTown but today we honored Victoria in Bremerton Washington at RainCity Crossfit. A true hero and her sacrifice will never be forgotten.


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