Friday 12.21.12

Next weeks Holiday schedule

Monday 5:30-6:30-12:30

Christmas day Open gym from 9-10:30

Wednesday 12:30-4:30

Thursday – Sunday Normal hours

New years Eve 5:30-6:30-12:30-4:30

New years day 12:30 class

Nick and Gray

Grayson spotting Nick C

1. Gymnastics practice

L-Sit and Hollow hold

2. “Mississippi burning”

team of 4

row 1500 meters each in 250 meter sprints

after each round of  rows each athlete must do do 20 wall balls

Then rest until its your turn again



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5 Comments on “Friday 12.21.12”

  1. dalting12 Says:

    Team Gabe, Joel, Dan around 24 minutes

    It looks like Grayson is moving in for something Nick probably isn’t expecting


  2. Joel Says:

    Spotting you say? This looks like the well documented Sack surprise attack. Squaters beware.


  3. SACKrifice Says:

    Joel and Dan,

    I regret to inform you that the secret art of crouching sack is not pictured in the above photo. If you ever wish to experience the secret art of Sack, I will demonstrate it on you.

    I would be more worried and cautious of Joel’s japan-anmiation style hair that he displays to the 530AM crew.


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