Tuesday 12.4.12

OK guys, if you want a hoodie you need to let us know what size and color you want ASAP. If you have your lulu hoodie please bring it in so we can get  a quote from the screen printer. We need all lulu hoodies and the colors and sizes of the american apparel hoodie by Friday. We will be getting an estimate from the printer this week and will know the cost then. Please comment here for colors and sizes of American Apparel hoodies.

click here for a link to the colors 

Thanks everyone!


Saturday morning crew gettin it done at CFN

1. Deadlift

3 sets of 5@75%1rm



10 rounds

15 kbs@53/35

10 push-ups

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12 Comments on “Tuesday 12.4.12”

  1. Sara Brown Says:

    Sara (Truffle – S) and Bill (Sea Blue – L)


  2. seth451 Says:

    What’s the price again?


  3. Chris McCartin Says:

    Deadlift: 3 x 5@275#

    WOD:14:01 RX


  4. Dan Alting Says:

    Deadlift – packed this morning only got 2 sets in after warming up 5×363 (some minor canadian to us math issues here), 3 x 315

    WOD 11:35 rx


  5. Sasha Says:

    I’m in for an XL-Asphalt


  6. Katie Bradley Says:

    Katie: Small – Purple

    Dan: Large – Asphalt


  7. John Wigginton Says:

    John W – navy xxl


  8. Kevin Brosnan Says:

    Kevin: Large-Asphalt


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