Tuesday 11.27.12

This Sunday is the CFN Pajama Pancake Breakfast. You don’t want to miss Michele’s pancakes, trust me. The cost is 5$ per person. When you come in please sign up and leave 5$ in the envelope in the gym. Don’t miss this…It’s going to be epic!!!


1. Deadlift

3 sets of 2@85-90%1rm

2. “Otis”

4 rounds

row 500

12 UB deadlifts@225/155

rest 2-3 min between rounds depending on recovery. Scale weight as needed.



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6 Comments on “Tuesday 11.27.12”

  1. dalting12 Says:

    Deadlift 2 x345, 2×355, 2×365

    WOD each round about 3 mins, 225 for first 3 then dropped to 205 for last set


  2. Collin Murray Says:

    Do you wear pajamas to the pajama breakfast?

    DL 2 x 275, 2 x 305, 2 x 325
    WOD: Rx, no idea on time


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