Lululemon CFN Hoodies!!!


OK, ladies, CFN is in the process of working with the screen printer to make hoodies for us for this winter.  He has agreed to do them on the lululemon scuba hoodies if we want.  In order for this to happen, anyone who is interested needs to go buy their own hoodie and get it to CFN by next Friday, November 30th. If you get this hoodie, CFN will be paying for the screen printing on it.   Also, keep in mind that all writing will be in WHITE ink, so choose your color with that in mind.  🙂  Also, the lulu hoodies are currently $108.  I know….expensive.  But worth it!

For those of you not interested in spending your entire paycheck on a hoodie, CFN will be ordering American Apparel F497 hoodies for anyone else who wants one.  They have a variety of colors and you can pre-order your size and color ahead of time.  There will be a sign up sheet at the front desk.  I’m not sure of the price of these yet, but likely will be about half the price of the lululemon ones you see in the pic above.  Here is the american apparel hoodie F497.

Please leave a comment if you are thinking about ordering a hoodie or are planning to get one at lululemon so we can get an idea of the numbers for the screen printer.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!




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7 Comments on “Lululemon CFN Hoodies!!!”

  1. Lauren B Says:

    I am sooo excited for the lulu sweatshirts! Does anyone else notice how miserable the guys looks that is modeling? WOW! Makes me want to buy one! :0)


  2. ashleykrahn Says:

    I’m definitely going to get a Scuba. So excited! I also thought the same thing about the guy modeling the hoodie. Not selling it at all.


  3. Megan Morahan Says:

    Count me in for LuLu. I don’t want that sad american apparel hoodie.


  4. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Just ordered my lulu hoodie online. 😀 Should be here next week! Yay!


  5. Jodie Cohen Says:

    haha…u guys are killing me with the comments about that guy! I tried to find a better one. I’m not sure what is up with american apparel marketing people. that guy is not selling that to me AT ALL!!!


  6. Amy Winston Says:

    Will probably order a regular sweatshirt v


  7. Paula Says:

    Although I love the Lulumelon ones, I think I’ll go with the American Apparel hoodie 🙂


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