Monday 11.19.12

Congrats To Simone and John who got married yesterday. May you both have Many years of happiness together. 

Hey everyone. So one of our athletes, Uri, just deployed to help out with what’s been going on in the middle east.  Most of you who come to the 5:30 am class know who he is. When he came in this past week he was very upset and said he was deploying in two hours. Uri’s wife just had a baby.  I’m sure he didn’t want to leave but felt it was his duty.

Uri, this workout is in your honor. Come home safe, brother. 


amrap 20

1 rope climb

10 thrusters@95/65

10 hr push-ups

If you can’t do rope climbs you will sub 5 pull-ups for each rope climb.



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7 Comments on “Monday 11.19.12”

  1. ohn A Says:

    Be safe and come home soon Uri. Thanks for your service.


  2. Dan Alting Says:

    URI – 8 + 7 rx


  3. Collin Murray Says:

    URI – 6 + 7 Rx


  4. seth451 Says:

    Uri – 9+4 Rx. Brutal.


  5. Joel Says:

    7+1/2 Rx


  6. Uri Says:

    Thanks Gil and everyone!


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