Friday 11.16.12

Last night, Red got his first few muscle ups. Hard work pays off.

1. Romanian Deadlift

Work up to your heavy 2 for the day

2. Death by Kettlebell Swing

In the first minute, do 1 kbs. In minute 2, 2 kbs, minute 3, 3 kbs, and so on, until you cannot finish a full round anymore.

L1: 35/25

L2: 45/35

L3: 53/35

L4: 70/53



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6 Comments on “Friday 11.16.12”

  1. Chris McCartin Says:

    RDL: 2 @ 245#

    WOD: 18+18 @ 53#


  2. Dan Alting Says:

    Romanian DL worked up to 335

    Death by KB 21 rounds with 53 lb KB


  3. Gilaad cohen Says:

    nice job Red!!!! All that frustration payed off huh?!


  4. Joel Says:

    Romanian DL – 335×2

    Death by KB 19rds+11 reps w/53# KB


  5. heyref15 Says:

    RDL – 145×2. Felt form get shaky and quit there.

    Death by KB – 22 rnds + 21 reps with 35#


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