Saturday 11.3.12

Yoga with Susannah

Increase your speed and strength for box jumps, kettle bell swings, dead lifts, and cleans! By obtaining optimal length for the muscles of the back and hips, you will increase your performance for MANY CrossFit movements!
Join us for Susie’s second series- this time focusing on the hips and back.
Monday nights at 7:30pm, starting November 5th!!
$10/class or $25 for 3 class series!!

Sign up now!!!!

1. Skill

the clean

2. “Pacific Coast Highway”


 power cleans@135/95


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One Comment on “Saturday 11.3.12”

  1. Bridget T. Says:

    I did that rowing/thrusters WOD from Tuesday (because it looked fun and I could do it in my basement). It took 18:40 with 65#. The thrusters took forever because I kept breaking them up because my wrists hurt. I’m clearly missing something about how to transition between the front squat and the push press parts. Or my wrist flexibility needs work. OK, I’ll stop musing about that now.


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