Thursday 11.1.12

1. Bench press

5 x 5 accross@80-85%

2. “insulin hang over”

10 rounds

10 burpees

10 ring rows (elevate feet if possible)



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6 Comments on “Thursday 11.1.12”

  1. Erick Says:

    Did this today because I’m so torn up from the 1230 monday. 11:45


  2. Chris McCartin Says:

    Bench press: 180# Only got 2 reps on the 5th set

    WOD: 12:00


  3. dalting12 Says:

    Bench 195 only got 3 on the last set

    WOD 14:20 with feet elevated for the first 5 rounds


  4. Tom Thu Says:

    Bench: 175×3 rnds, 165×1, 155×1
    WOD: 14:42 with elevated feet for 3 rounds

    I was able to get a new PR of 54 DU after the WOD. Gimme my money Grayson!


  5. Ryan T Says:

    bench: 175-just wanted to test out the wrist a little.
    WOD: 9:47


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