Monday 10.22.12


Back squat

Heaviest 1 for the day

“Buy the farm”

4 rounds

10 power cleans

15 back squats

Level I – 65/45

Level II – 95/65

Level III – 115/80

Level IV – 135/95



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5 Comments on “Monday 10.22.12”

  1. Bill Says:

    Back Squat – 245lbs. (failed on 275lbs. My PR is 275, but I’m close to this being more consistent)

    WOD – This was way harder than I initially thought. After the first round, I really thought I had bitten off more than I can chew. Recovered during round 2 and just tried to move thru the rest of it w/ a consistent pace. 9:04 (135 lbs.)


  2. Chris McCartin Says:

    Backsquat – Hit my current PR of 275 and failed on 285.

    WOD – 7:15 with 115# I was able to get through this one with minimal rest and unbroken backsquats


  3. Tom Thu Says:

    I would not be denied a new PR for back squat: 245

    WOD – 7:17 with 95lbs. I had to break the last set of cleans into sets of two. I was able to get through all of the back squats unbroken though.


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