Wednesday 10.3.12

Love the new pull-up system. 70′ of space. Room for 24 athletes.

Renegade rows

4 sets of 20 reps

same weight for all 4 sets

The weight should be a challenge. I don’t want you to rest at any point during your set.

“Vanilla Coke”

5 rounds

:45 sec max kbs

rest :15 sec

:45 sec max sit-ups

rest :15 sec

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11 Comments on “Wednesday 10.3.12”

  1. Chris McCartin Says:

    Renegade rows: 40lbs

    WOD: 186 total w/53lbs


  2. Dan Alting Says:

    Rows 1st set with 40 lbs, next 2 with 45, last set with 50

    No idea of final count on WOD each round was between 20-25 with 70 lb kb


  3. SACKrifice Says:

    It was brought to my attention that I was called out yesterday on the blog. Went along the lines of me being scared.

    1) I face death every morning and make it my B!tch.

    2) If you want to call me out… Talk to Joel.

    3) Challenging the AM class was your worse mistake EVER!

    I spoke with Gil this morning (by speaking I really mean sending him a text message). Gil and I talked about what a good WOD would be (again this conversation between Gil and happen over text message and I suggested the WOD). We decided and agreed (well I decided and Gil said “Sure”), the WOD should be 100 sledge hammer swings (50 each arm) for time. If Jason S would like to challenge a member of the AM crew that person would represent the group.

    So please Jason, try and beat one of the AM members. Each one of us is capable of crushing this WOD.

    As of right now, I do not have any emergency on Saturday, this could be a good time to see how the AM Destroys WODs.


  4. Jason S Says:

    I choose rob to represent the PM on this specific WoD that you created. I’d be up for anything bodyweight.


    • SACKrifice Says:

      I see picking a COACH to do your dirty work for you. I am going to have to interject and suggest you pick someone who is not on the CFN pay roll staff. Nice try and I respect that.

      However, the AM class will see if we can find someone who is coordinated enough with the sledge hammer to take on Rob if the PM class can not find a non coach to fill the shoes of the first decision.


  5. Asian Jay? Says:

    This is getting good……..might need some front row seats for this throwdown


  6. Ryan T. Says:

    I accept that challenge Grayson! Even with one bad arm (wrist) I will take down the AM crew. As long as we don’t do cleans, jerks, snatch, press…..haha.


  7. Jason S Says:

    my last post was not posted for some reason. How about a team cindy for 25-30 minutes? Me and Ryan T vs. you and someone from your AM class.


    • Ryan T. Says:

      Just found out I have a soccer game at 10am in cohasett Saturday. If we did this I could do it at 8am or some other Saturday.


  8. jodie c Says:

    First wod back after providence
    Squat clean 1×5 at 140. Pulled early on 4 out of 5 thus all of those felt heavy. The one that I didn’t pull early, light and quick out of te hole. 🙂
    3×2 tng sq cl at 115. Grip is still shot from last wknd.
    Wod: 15,12,9,6,3 kbs 1.5 pd, burpee over box. 9:54. Slow but happy to get back and thro some weight around.


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