Thursday 9.20.12

Yoga class is at 8am again this weekend. Don’t forget to sign up!!!!


Clarification on the BBQ

CFN will be providing chicken and burgers. If  you would like anything else to grill feel free to bring  it. “Michele is making dessert” (YAY!!) so please bring a side dish or appetizer to share.


Gymnastics practice

for ten min. L-Sit + hs/hspu


5 rounds


push sled 25 yards, then pull sled 25 yards, repeat….

rest after each round

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4 Comments on “Thursday 9.20.12”

  1. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Let me say now that Michele makes the BEST desserts. You will not be disappointed.


  2. jessica4cummings Says:

    Does the food have to be paleo/challenge friendly? (Or is a large warning label sufficient?)


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