Tuesday 9.18.12

Those of you who are doing the Lurong paleo challenge have two weeks to have me validate your measurements and WODs. Your WODs can be done during any class. If you need pictures and measurements, email us to set up a time and come in a bit before class.

Olivia wanted to help Staci pull the sled


For 10 min work on a skill that needs work

“Richie Cunningham”

5 rounds

run 200

20 unbroken wall balls

10 unbroken deadlifts

rest 3 min between rounds

Your goal is to get through each round as fast as possible. You have 3 min. to rest between rounds, So push yourself.

Level I – WB@13/10 DL@135/95

Level II – WB@15/13 DL@155/105-115

Level III – WB@20/14 DL@185-205/140-150

Level IV – WB@20/15 DL@225-245/155-165

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4 Comments on “Tuesday 9.18.12”

  1. Staci Ardison Says:

    my favorite part of that day was when the sled was stuck, i couldn’t move it no matter how hard i tried, and olivia goes “you can go faster!” 🙂


  2. Jennifer Says:

    15# and 155# not fast but kept going


  3. Tom Thu Says:

    I worked on my muscle ups today. I was able to string together a few in a row.

    WOD – 22:04 w/ 15 and 175


  4. Liz Says:

    Did “Randy” as part of the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge — 75 Snatches for time. Women’s scaled weight was 30#. It took me 5:50. Looking forward to seeing the improvement in nine weeks!


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