Wednesday 9.12.11

This is the new napping area at CFN…..AWWW, and there’s Rob all tuckerd out from hitting tires


This is Staci A’s athletes(a first time CrossFitter and Nerd Fitness member)discription of CrossFit after his first WOD

“Coming away from this, I’ve realized Crossfit is like a mosquito. It gives you an itch that you really want to scratch, knowing that once you do, it’s going to itch more requiring more scratching until scratching is all you want to do. Except in this case, scratching makes you into an awesome specimen of a human being instead of making you bleed and have red irritated skin. Ok, I think it will end up doing that as well, but the awesomeness is worth it. “

Love that!

“Bench Press”

5 reps@65%of90%1rm

5 reps@75%of90%1rm

max reps@85%of90%1rm

“pit stop”

Row 1000 meters

3 rounds

30 sit-ups

6 wall climbs


run 800 meters with a plate

Level I – no weight, possibly scale the row and run

Level II – 25/15

Level III – 35/20

Level IV – 45/25



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5 Comments on “Wednesday 9.12.11”

  1. Cristina Says:

    Rob in his tire bassinet


  2. Dan Alting Says:

    Bench 3 x 145, 4 x 165, 10 x 185

    WOD 20:35 with 45 pound plate


  3. afriedl Says:

    Rob looks like he needs a steak.


  4. Yash Shah Says:

    WOD 23:30 @45lbs


  5. warren huffman Says:

    16:45 w/ 45# plate


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