Saturday 9.1.12

There will be one class this Monday

9am. I will extend the class size to accommodate more people.


Don’t forget to enter through the front office and scan your new CFN key card. If you don’t yet have one please let one of the coaches know and write your name down on the sheet of paper on the front desk to get your card.

Thank you

Heather D


amrap 25

run 200 meters

8 power cleans

1 rope climb

2 athletes per team,  athlete 1 will run 200 meters and complete 8 power cleans and 1 rope climb, then athlete 2 will do the same. Keep cycling through one at a time until the clock runs out. The score is the combined rounds for 25 min.

Level I – 65/45, rope climb from laying down to standing

Level II – 95/65, rope climb

Level III – 135/95, rope climb

Level IV – 155/105, rope climb

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5 Comments on “Saturday 9.1.12”

  1. Jen Says:

    I go missing for a month and there’s an iPhone app and key cards!! Back from vacation and back at it for real next week. Can’t wait to see the new space!!


  2. Chris McCartin Says:

    I dropped in at CrossFit Torque this morning and focused on the comp wods for next weekend. I started with the Backsquat/HSPU wod. I didn’t think I was going to be able to finish in the 5 min cap, but gave it my best and was amazingly surprised to finish in 3:52! (185lbs)

    After that, I practiced power cleans and push press with 135. I left out the front squats and didn’t time this. I did 6 rounds of 2 reps each. Both movements were fairly tough for me at this weight.

    I finished up with running 800m with a 45lb plate from “Quest”. I stopped for about 15 seconds at one point because I thought I was going to puke, but finished in 6:35.

    My quads are killing me right now, but I’m feeling a lot better about next weekend!


  3. jodie Says:

    Awesome team wod today! Andrew, who just got back from his honeymoon (did anyone even know he was getting married????), and I got 12 rounds plus 100m of running for andrew. 95 for me/135 for him.

    I LUV long wods…..25 min is surely my time domain!!!

    And, man, are these rope climbs MUCH higher than old CFN.


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