Friday 8.31.12

Raff’s shoes can’t even contain him.

Bench Press

Partner up and work up to a heavy 2.


“Cephalopod Surprise”

2 Rounds


Backsquats 165/115



Rest 3 min

Scale weight and HSPU as needed



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16 Comments on “Friday 8.31.12”

  1. Staci Ardison Says:

    i’m just going to leave this here. because i’m sure you all needed yet another distraction on a friday before a long weekend:


  2. Sara B Says:

    Thanks to Jodie for encouraging me to give the “Back Squat/HSPU” WOD for next weekend a shot to see how it would feel. Results = I need practice.

    25 BS #115
    25 HSPU
    5 min time cap

    25 BS unbroken without trouble (thank you Madcow)
    25 HSPU – First 10 went smooth then struggled alot trying to get back on the wall. I wasted alot of time with this. Next 5 once up there were OK. Last 10 were a nightmare!
    Time = 6:26

    Clearly I am over the cap. I practiced afterwards kicking up on to the wall from standing. I was going from the floor in the WOD. I think this will save me some time and alot of frustration getting up there…I hope. 🙂 Thanks again Jodie for your help this morning!


    • Amanda Says:

      Awesome Sara! I will be doing this one tomorrow.


    • Kim Says:

      Sara, you made those squats look easy.

      I did today’s WOD, but with 115# (racked), and it kicked my ass. Those squats got heavy quick. 25 is going to be rough.

      Time= 16:25

      My HSPU’s were also pretty pathetic, but I made some progress after class with my arms spread really, really wide and palms turned out. Thank you Jodie!


      • Jodie cohen Says:


        Your HSPU were looking awesome with the new hand position. Just remember to keep looking straight ahead and not down!

        CFNE, here we come!!! 🙂

    • Jodie cohen Says:


      You and Kim are going to rock this! I’m glad I was here to help you out. It’s nice that I could watch you both and give you some tips that have saved me in competitions.

      I’ll be there next weekend to help coach and YELL on the top of my lungs!!!



  3. Dan Alting Says:

    Bench with Bill – 2 x 225, 2 x 235, 2 x 235, 1 x 245 which is a 15 lb PR from when Madcow started

    Wod – 14:58 I think first round RX, second round squats at 155. I need to practice HSPUs


  4. SACKrifice Says:

    WOW, it seems the AM class has been PRing non stop. I did not expect anything less from the AM groups. Way to be AWESOME EVERYONE!

    Bench – 265 for a heavy 2

    WOD – 14:02 – Every squat kept getting heavier and heavier. By round 2 on the last set of 3 my body did not want to keep moving.


  5. Mike C Says:

    WOD – 13:33; did front squats @155# instead of back squats.


  6. Jack H Says:

    Another day at college working out – Strength was weighted pull ups and front squats on the minute for 10 then AMRAP 5 – 5 thrusters @ 135# and 10 pull ups (rest 5 minutes) AMRAP 5 – 10 wall ball @ 27# and 10 burpees. I feel horrendous


  7. Bridget Tannian Says:

    WOD – 11:35 with a couple of abmats for the HSPUs and 95# squats with no rack.

    Bench press – 135# x 2. 135 was my 1RM 6 weeks ago. Yay!


  8. Jodie cohen Says:

    Came in this morning to hit max BS. My shoulder wasn’t having it, so…..why not max out on front squat! Hit 190 for 1….old 1 rep max was 165 before madcow, but I didn’t even do FS in madcow. I ❤ getting stronger in lifts I wasn't even working on. Bent rows and heavy squat cleans had to have helped me here!

    Gil's a genius!


  9. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Practiced the BS/HSPU wod today. I clearly did not anticipate how tired my shoulders would be from holding the bar up, because my hspu were less than stellar today. Given that, and how tired I was today overall, I still came in at 4:53, under the time cap. Will strategize and shave that down some over the next week. 😀


  10. Jessica Cummings Says:

    Awesome Heather! I was not even close. BS/HSPU was 8:30 and then I did the Floater wod and got 1:21 (cap was2 min) so that was encouraging!


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