Thursday 8.30.12


1 x 2@90%1rm

2 x 1@85%1rm

“Anarchy and Oatmeal Cookies”

3 rounds

row 30 calories

25 kbsdhp w/deficit

20 knees to elbow on rings

15 clapping push-ups

Level I – 35/25, knee tucks, push-ups chest to elbow level,  row and rounds may be scaled as well

Level II – 53/35, knees to chest, push-ups chest below elbows

Level III – 53/35, knees to triceps, chest to deck push-ups

Level IV – 70/53, knees to elbow, clapping push-up

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10 Comments on “Thursday 8.30.12”

  1. Dan Alting Says:

    Deadlift 2 x 1 at 360 1 x 2 at 340

    This WOD killed me 19:55 with 70 lb kb and clapping push ups


  2. Joe Says:

    Tried for a 1RM in DL after 11 weeks of Madcow. Got 405# which is up from 365# prior to Madcow. I am really excited to break 400#, especially since I was really sore from yesterday.

    ~20:15 on the WOD. I can barely walk now.


  3. Nick C. Says:

    Strength- HPC x 3 – 135, 155, 175, 185, 195, 205
    WOD- I think is was 20:16 but I can’t remember. I cant wait for the pull up bars so that we dont have to do K2E on the rings anymore!


  4. Chris McCartin Says:

    Deadlift: 2@1×335, 1×2@315

    WOD: 18:29 with 53lb kb, k2e, and clapping pushups. It was difficult not to stop to catch your breath, but with people behind you, you had to keep moving.


  5. Ryan T Says:

    WOD: 15:32 70kb/t2r/pu
    Was absolutely dead after this.


  6. Marthé Says:

    New dead lift pr: 155
    WOD: 18:58 35kb/t2r/pu


  7. Brendan Says:

    Being punished for all the time I took off over the past two weeks. I felt like I dogged this WOD and it STILL killed me.

    Deadlift – 305. Felt good. Pretty confident I’ll put up more when I’m feeling 100%.

    WOD – I forgot to look at the clock when I started, so I got 23:22 minus however long it took the person in front of me to row.
    53/k2e/clapping pushups (did c2d for the last few, so tired and just wanted to end it)


  8. Ryan F Says:

    Deadlift -225.Max. First time pushing myself to find it, thanks Rob!

    WOD- 24:55 (wasn\’t paying attention to when I actually started) 53/kb…Just happy I finished. 2nd week here…love this gym! Best workouts ever.


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