Tuesday 8.28.12

From now on please enter the gym from the office door to sign in.

Thank you

OK everyone, we’ve got the scores on the board. Now lets post them on the blog. Please post all your times/scores to comments each day you come in. 

turkish get ups

3 sets of 5 on each arm

as heavy as possible

“up ‘n’ at em”

4 rounds

20 unbroken kbs

15 burpees

rest 2 min

The purpose of the rest is to allow you to push yourself through the round and get through everything unbroken. Choose the right weight so you don’t have to put the kettlebell down during the round.  

Level I – 35/25

Level II – 35/25

Level III – 53/35

Level IV – 70/53

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25 Comments on “Tuesday 8.28.12”

  1. Bill Brown Says:

    That scanner is pretty fancy!

    I decided to take a run at 2 of the 6 WOD’s for the Garage Games at CFNE.

    WOD 1
    For time –
    25 Back Squats (185lb)
    25 HSPU’s (1 abmat)

    Time – 3:31

    WOD 2
    For Time –
    5 Deadlifts (225lb)
    300 Yard Shuttle (Turns out I only did 150 Yard Shuttle)

    Time – Need to do it again because I totally messed this one up.


  2. Ashley Says:

    Did the WOD with 35lb KB in 13:38. Struggled with last few KB swings but was able to maintain unbroken


  3. Chris McCartin Says:

    Worked up to 40lbs for the TGU

    WOD: 12:11 w/53lbs


  4. Matt T Says:

    Awesome working out with the 5:30 am crew.
    TGU up to 70kb
    12:31 @ 80# kb
    Still can’t get over the new space. Love it


  5. Nick C Says:

    Loving the new space!

    TGU- 53 kb
    WOD- 10:48 with 2 pd. Was able to stay unbroken.


  6. SACKrifice Says:

    Turkish get ups – 53lb KB crushed me!
    WOD – With the 2pd – 11:20ish

    Kbs unbroken and felt very strong with all movements. Vurpees became very tough at the end.


  7. B May Says:

    TGU – 35/53/70 used to do a lot of TGU’s but i have gotten a lot stronger in 2 mths at CFN. never would have tried 70 for 5’s before.

    WOD – 13:09 with 70

    new space is awesome, love the turf for the moving warmups


  8. Tom Thu Says:

    2 x 25lbs TGU and worked up to 1 x 30lbs

    WOD – 12:20 w/ 53lb KB


  9. Lauren B Says:

    Turkish Get-ups 40 lb
    WOD- 53lb kettlebell
    KB unbroken. When I started the first set of burpees, I thought, “Oh..this should be fun.” Ended up not that bad though.

    The new space is CRAZY!!! SO happy for Gil and Jodie!!!


  10. Sara B Says:

    Turkish Get-ups 25lb
    WOD- 35lb KB

    Turkish get-ups were tough.
    KB unbroken. Burpees at the end were a little slow.


  11. Amanda Says:

    Started with a 500m row
    TGUs 25#s
    WOD 13:42 with 35#. Have I ever mentioned I hate burpees?
    Then Kim and I took two laps with a 25# plate, maybe that was about 600m??. not fun
    Oh and then did some HSPUs. BTW- not excited (maybe even scared) about the WODs for Firebreather.


    • Amanda Says:

      Realizing this is a ‘debbie downer’ post. Yes- reading those WODs, I am nervous about Firebreather, but I know it will be good, and if it points out what i have to work on, well the whole point of CF right. It is all good. 🙂


  12. jodie cohen Says:

    Nice wod with the 12:30 crew. Alas, school starts tomorrow….booooooo…..but, I get to see the night peeps again. 🙂

    12:00 on the dot, 53# kb


  13. Bridget Tannian Says:

    TGU – 30 #
    WOD – 13:06 with 45#


  14. Melanie Says:

    This was my first time in the early am! Was a great wod! 20# on tgu. For the wod #35 and finished 12:20.


  15. Heather Donnelly Says:

    I practiced some heavy 2 split jerks today. Trying to work my way up to 135 so I know how I’ll fare at CFNE. I got up to 125 (which felt pretty good) but 135 didn’t go up even once. I’ll chalk it up to a terrible day at work, and soreness from Sunday and Monday.


  16. Staci Ardison Says:

    WOD: 11:56 with the 53lb.

    Then did 5 rounds of EMOM 1 Rope Climb/10 Burpees after.

    Didn’t do the turkish get ups – elbow was tired from my oly session earlier. will do later this week 🙂


  17. Seth Says:

    Strength: Worked on strengthening the small stabilizing muscles in my shoulder
    WOD: 10:50/53


  18. Jason s Says:

    Strength: Pushed 200lb sled 50 yards (down and back), 3 times

    12:05 53lb kb completely unbroken and full 2 min breaks.


  19. Ryan T Says:

    Replaced TGU with sled push @ 303 lbs length of gym then dragged it back with the rope

    WOD: 10:00 with 70lb kbs


  20. warren huffman Says:

    This WOD was Boss! TGU: 35lbs WOD: 10:08 53lbs


    • Ryan T. Says:

      I don’t think if it was for you right on my ass time wise I would have done as well, good stuff last night!


      • Jason S Says:

        Pretty insane, Ryan- this is less than 2 seconds per rep throughout the whole workout.

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