CFN Apple App is LIVE!!!!

Introducing the new CFN iphone App.

Now it’s an easy click on your phone to register for class.

Download free on your phone.   🙂

Staci already has it and says “it’s so cool!”

Apple App



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8 Comments on “CFN Apple App is LIVE!!!!”

  1. Bill Brown Says:

    Ok…you guys are on the most insane growth spurt ever! In the span of like 5 days you’ve moved into a ridiculously awesome new space, set up the main office w/ computer, printer and barcode scanner, now there’s an iPhone app? What’s next? Digi-Gil, the all digital crossfit programmer?


    • jodie cohen Says:

      omg….that’s awesome! Well I had to be super productive this week. School starts back up tomorrow. Now or never. Oh, and the rowers just got serviced today. Oil, bolts, and a new computer on one of them. New prowler set to arrive in a couple days so we can have races. 🙂 SO FUN!!!!


  2. Heather Donnelly Says:

    [insert quiet petition for an Android version here]


  3. Amanda Says:

    Downloaded! Very Cool! And I agree with everything that Bill said, what a week for CFN, and excited for the Digi-Gil release!


  4. Brendan Says:

    Hey guys,

    I just downloaded this. When I logged into Mindbodyonline, none of my information shows up in the 3rd tab (schedule, purchase history, etc.)

    Is this a known issue or is this just me?


    • Gilaad cohen Says:

      Hi Brendan,

      Yup, we are aware and I have sent it to the programmers to fix. Should be working soon.

      Thank you for your patience with this issue.

      The sign up for class feature does work, tho, so feel free to use that.



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