Monday 8.27.12

Don’t forget!!!! We are in the new space.

The new address is 166B Riverview Ave. Waltham 02453

The pull-up bars should be installed later this week. Sorry for the delay, but they are gonna be great.

Olivia, breaking in the turf at the new location

From now on, the first thing you do when you enter the gym area will be to go to the whiteboard and write your name on the whiteboard, under results. Following the WOD you will go back to the whiteboard and post the results of the WOD (Time, rounds, weight used etc…) 


on the min for ten min do 3 cleans

Choose a weight that allows you to keep your mechanics. I’m not looking for you to go as heavy as you can.

“Sticky buddy”

amrap 7

5 box jump

3 Push-press

Level I – Clean  WOD  75/55 WOD (Bj 20/16 PP 65/45)

Level II -Clean  WOD 95/65 WOD (Bj 24/20 PP 95/65)

Level III -Clean  (135/95) WOD  (Bj 24/20 pp 115/80)

Level IV -Clean  (155/105) WOD (Bj 30/24 PP 135/95)

Choose a weight that allows you to cycle through each movement quickly. This is not for strength. I don’t want you to stare at the weight every time you walk up to it. Which is precisely what will happen if the weight you choose is too heavy. Choose a weight you can walk right up to and pick up. 

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24 Comments on “Monday 8.27.12”

  1. Jack H Says:

    Nice WOD name


  2. Dan Alting Says:

    New Back Squat PR 295

    3 x 10 cleans @ 155

    11 + 5 Sticky Buddy with 30/135


  3. Seth Says:

    New box new back squat PR 355
    11 (30in box/45lb dumbells)


  4. Rob R. Says:

    backsquat pr 385# wod 10 rounds @ 155/30


  5. jodie Cohen Says:

    Great day at the new box for sure! I can’t believe how many people came in today.

    My infra spinatus was yelling at me today, so instead of max BS, gil had me do max DL!

    300#, PR by 35 lbs. I LOVE YOU MADCOW GODS!!!!!

    Excited for BS and perhaps bench maxes later this week!


  6. Erick Says:

    New back squat PR @ 255 prod by 30 lbs
    11+5 @ 105 and 30


  7. Staci Ardison Says:

    new back squat 1RM – 250.

    EMOM workout with 120, 125, 130, 135, and the other sets with 140. first 4 were not on the minute since i started 2 minutes late and had to play catch up.

    workout 9+2. did the first round backwards (3bj/5pp), which then set the tone for the rest of the workout.


  8. Heather Donnelly Says:

    Did back squats with Staci today. (Thanks for being my training buddy!) PRed at 210 😀 Failed 215. Next time, gadget, next time.

    Wod: 9+6, 24/105#. I’m actually really happy with that, cause 105 is a damn heavy push press for me. I managed to string them together pretty well, though. And my box jumps weren’t terrible.


  9. Melanie Says:

    Love love love the new space!!! 65#pp(next time 75)/20inch bj . 10 +2.


  10. Ashley Says:

    First time poster, fairly new CrossFitter 🙂 had my box height wrong on the board (rookie mistake) but did 12 rounds (20/60)


  11. ashleykrahn Says:

    New to posting – hi everyone. 12 rnds (60/20). Had accidentally wrote 24 for the box jump on the board. Getting a bit ahead of myself 🙂


  12. Tyler Carroll Says:

    New backsquat PR at 355!! I think I would have got 365 if I didn’t play a full soccer game the day before, oh well. 135#pp/30″ bj 12+5, I had absolutely no legs after doing squats haha.


  13. Ryan Teixeira Says:

    still can’t do squats cause of the knees but did get a new dead lift max: 425, up 30lbs from my previous max.

    WOD: 17 rounds.
    Did ring pullups instead of push-press cause of my wrist.


  14. Megan Morahan Says:

    10.5 rounds with 45# pp (last time at this weight) / 20″ Box Jumps


  15. Sam Says:

    Soo do I get extra points for doing the whole workout backwards? (3Bj/5pp)…10 rounds 20/65 -> 45. Felt good though. Loved the new place!!


  16. Ryan F Says:

    13 rounds with 65# pp and 20″ box jumps


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