Friday 8.24.12

If you see meat that looks like this, don’t think. Just buy it.


Pick 2 skills that need working on. Devote 10 minutes to getting better at one aspect of them. Some examples:

Double Unders – successfully getting one single, one double

Kipping Pullups – linking them together

Box Jumps – quick rebounds

Power Cleans – front rack mobility

Wall balls – achieving proper depth

HSPU –  increasing the deficit

“25 to life”

3 rounds

row 250

25 burpees

25 situps

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2 Comments on “Friday 8.24.12”

  1. Dan Alting Says:


    3 x 290 squats 15 lb PR
    2 x 235 bench even though I didn’t get the third rep it’s still a 5 lb PR
    3 x 245 row 20 lb PR

    Looking forward to getting back to metcons next week


  2. Staci Ardison Says:

    i came in today and whined about not wanting to do situps since i did situps the other day and have a HUGE burn on my lower back from them the other day.

    and then grayson gave me shit for whining. and i told him to shut up and that i was just going to do squats.

    so i did high bar back squats, no belt, 185x5x5, focusing on getting ALL the way down.

    and then i decided i was being stupid and should just shut up and do the WOD.

    time: 11:54. need to get better at row transitions, everything else was unbroken but lost a lot of time just getting in and out of the rower and resetting the clock.


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