Monday 8.20.12

How much does Michele like box jumps??

High hang power snatch

establish your heaviest 3 with good technique

This is from the hip crease. No lean. Start with an upright torso. Keeping an upright torso, bend your knees to a 1/4 squat, then quickly extend your hip, knees, and ankles, driving your hip into the bar. The second the hip hits the bar pull the shoulders back and yourself under the bar quickly, punching the ceiling with the bar.  Hold the bar in the catch position for a second, stand up, and continue on to the second snatch.

“Nana, Nana, Boo, Boo, Stick Your Head in Doo, Doo”

4 rounds

15 burpees

10 power snatches

Level I – 55/35

Level II – 65/45

Level III – 95/65

Level IV – 105/75

These numbers are just numbers to start from. If you feel like an in between weight is OK, use it.  Level IV, you are not to go over 115/80. The main goal here is to consistently move through each round with as little rest as possible. Don’t choose a weight that’s too heavy. 

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15 Comments on “Monday 8.20.12”

  1. Staci Ardison Says:

    dear everyone: lets start posting our times again 🙂

    3 hang snatch: 95

    wod: 10:15 with 85lbs


  2. Jodie Cohen Says:

    Great job by the very packed 12:30 class today. I was doing madcow backsquats so was unable to do the wod, but it looked like a FUN ONE!!!

    I want to encourage everyone to start posting their scores again. As madcow ends everyone will be doing more metcons. It will be awesome to see where we all are successful!

    Madcow BS 200 x 5….previous 1 rep max 195! cha ching!!!!!!


  3. SACKrifice Says:

    Staci – Thanks for calling all of us out… The AM crew should be pretty good at this considering we finish the WOD before anyone else is awake.

    3 High Hang Snatch – 135 (Felt this to be heavy enough)

    WOD 105 – 6:53 (I got very light headed at the end of this). My first round of burpees felt awesome. I have never started with burpees before.

    Regionals – Great class tonight!


  4. Dan Alting Says:

    Last week of Madcow couldnt be happier it is over

    Snatch 5 x 155 which was my previous PR
    Squat 3 x 275 which was my previous PR then I almost killed Mike and myself when i got stuck
    Bench 3 x 220 been stuck here for a few weeks


  5. rob Says:

    Wrist is still preventing me from doing a lot of stuff, so i started by doing 3 sets of 5 pause squats at 225#, 3 seconds in the bottom of the hole each. then did 21-15-9 backsquats 135#, kbs 70#, strict pullups. 12 something.


  6. Amanda Says:

    2 sets of 3 high hang power snatches at 85#s. WOD with 65# was 11:20ish. I hate burpees, burpees hate me. At least its mutual.


  7. Erick Says:

    my arm/sholder has halted my presses and bench but squats are still going up along with everything else. cant wait to do metcons again working on what you suck at gets depressing. Although i havent done a pr day yet. that should be fun


  8. Michele Says:

    today’s wod: 7:39 @ 75#
    i’m with gray. my first round of burpees were awesome. i liked this wod. short but definitely breathing hard at the end. just what i need to get ready for cfne garage games.


  9. Chris McCartin Says:

    Got 115×3 on the high hang snatch. Tried 125, but only got 1. I’m happy with that, though.

    Started the wod with 95 and broke up the first round a lot. Dropped to 85 for the remaining 3 rounds and still broke them up, but it felt more manageable.
    Finished in 8:29.


  10. Collin Says:

    9:45 for the WOD @ 85 and PR’d my Bernie, form was flawless


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