Monday 8.13.12



Great job by everyone who competed yesterday at the Beantown Throwdown and thank you to everyone who came to support your fellow athletes.


Here’s an awesome email I got the other day from Liz. 


Staci (a/k/a Spezzy) posted a question over on the Nerd Fitness boards:  why do you CrossFit?  Part of my answer was the following, which I thought I’d share with you–because it really is a testament to the community you’ve built at CFN.  Thanks!

The people I admire most are not the ones who lift the most, who move the most quickly, or who are “best” at the sport.

The people I admire most are the ones who look like the next step will kill them, the next box jump will be the one they miss, the next pull up might rip their arms out of their socket, but they take the next step anyway, they jump up onto the box, and they pull themselves up to the bar.

It is not impressive to me when people accomplish things with ease.  It is impressive to me when they push themselves to their limits, and then go further.

And in CrossFit, you can do that at any level – whether you run a six-minute mile or a twelve-minute mile, whether your box jump is 30” or 16″, whether your pullup is strict or assisted.  And that means that even the very least capable beginner can be the most impressive person in the room.

And I LOVE that.



“Pick it up, jump over it, and then run”

5 rounds

10 power cleans

12 lateral burpees over the bar

run 200 meters

rest 3 min

Level I – 75/55

Level II – 95/65

Level III – 115/80

Level IV – 135/95



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2 Comments on “Monday 8.13.12”

  1. Staci Ardison Says:


    🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Staci Ardison Says:

    so im going to start posting scores again.

    i subbed out hang powercleans for the cleans because i did a few squats at the competition yesterday and my quads are kind of on fire (wah, i know). 95lbs.

    total time including rest 29:10.


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