Monday 8.6.12

Thank you to everyone who came and suffered through 31 heroes this Saturday. Jodie really appreciated it.  Thank you all for your patience. This one was tough to accommodate so many people because of the rope climbs.  

Gil & Jodie,
I wanted to send along a quick thank you.  As someone who has
struggled all their life with weight, body image and overall build, I
want to thank you both for the training and motivation you’ve helped
me with over the last few months.

The proof finally came when I went to Manhattan on Friday to get the
suits I had ordered back in January tailored.

From when I was initially measured in early January until last Friday,
I’ve lost 15 lbs, 3 inches in my mid section and 2 inches in my waist.
To top it off, my back and chest have gotten bigger, which is exactly
what I was going for.  It was such a milestone, I went and ordered 3
more suits.  Hopefully in another 6 months, I’ll have them taken in

I truly appreciate the motivation and the atmosphere you guys instill at CFN.



“blazing saddles”

AMRAP 4 min x 3

10 kbs

10 burpees

10 wall balls

rest 2 min between rounds

You will start your next AMRAP where you left off in the previous one. 

your score is how many total rounds you completed combining each round

Level I – 35/25, 13/10

Level II – 35/25, 13/10

Level III – 53/35, 15/13

Level IV – 70/53, 20/15

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3 Comments on “Monday 8.6.12”

  1. Sean Purser-Haskell Says:

    The most expensive part of Crossfit isn’t the monthly fee, it’s replacing all your clothes. Traditional diet & exercise plans have a distinct advantage in this regard.


  2. Jack H Says:

    This guy is lightning fast but has quite a unique style – a slight inward knee cave in the beginning and some severe whipping of the head. That being said – Tyson hips and Ali feet to the extreme – he’s only 83 kilos!


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