Thursday 8.2.12

Seth C

Here’s an AWESOME poem Seth wrote about being a CrossFitter

To Have CrossFitted**

By Seth Czarnecki

To challenge yourself often and much;

To suffer mentally and physically

and to excel in the face of it;

To give yourself wholly to the task at hand;

To never surrender to a DNF;

To earn the heat of breathlessness

and the sting of sweat;

To find strength in yourself and your peers;

To leave the box a little better,

Whether by a new PR,

An emboldened partner,

Or an accomplished goal;

To have lifted and worked with passion

and finished with pride;

To know your life will improve with every obstacle conquered;

  this is to have CrossFitted

**Inspired by “To Have Succeeded” by Bessie Stanley


“Back squats”

Establish a heavy 1

“that’s a bunch a BS”


Back squats

Do 30 dbl-unders after each round of back squats

Bar starts on the floor

Level I – 95/65, 60 singles

Level II – 105/75, 15 dbl-under attempts

Level III – 135/95, 20 dbl-unders

Level IV – 165/115, 30 dbl-unders

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4 Comments on “Thursday 8.2.12”

  1. Sean Says:

    New post on about covering the CrossFit Games, Sean


  2. Bill Says:

    This is what it looks like when you try to snatch 357lbs. Courtesy of the Olympics 🙂


  3. Seth Says:

    Comp WOD: rd. 1 4:19 rd. 2 4:41, rd. 3 5:02, rd. 4 4:41.


  4. Bridget Tannian Says:

    Did the comp WOD at lunchtime, then went to rugby practice in the evening, where the coach decided to make a point about fitness, so we did 15 rounds of death flops (sort of the demon child of shuttle runs and burpees). I think I held my own against the youngsters at practice thanks to the work I’ve been doing at CFN.


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