Tuesday 7.24.12

Hey everyone!!! Susie will be continuing yoga classes every Saturday afternoon at 12:30. You may sign up online, but it will be $10 at the door payed to   Susie. If you sign up online it will not subtract a regular class from your membership. You must remember to pay Susie before class begins. If you do not have a yoga matt, one will be available to rent for one dollar. Sign up now before class fills up. More classes will be scheduled with more demand.  You can sign up for classes on the regular schedule


One of your fellow CrossFitters(Nate) lease is up the end of August and is looking for a roommate to get a place with. If you already have a place and you’re looking for a roommate Nate’s you guy. He’s an AWESOME guy. If you don’t know him already, come to the evening classes and introduce yourself. 



“dead arm”

10 sets

5  clean thruster

25 dbl-unders

Level 1 – 65/45, thrusters, 25 bar hops

Level II – 95/65, 25 bar hops or dbl-unders

Level III – 115/80

Level IV – 135/95

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5 Comments on “Tuesday 7.24.12”

  1. Seth Says:

    After an AWFUL day in the box yesterday (nursing a hangover and taking on Tuesday’s comp WOD = vomiting twice and establishing my first DNF), hit all my Madcow #s. Didnt think the final set of cleans @ 195 would go, but they did.


  2. Dan Alting Says:

    Mixed results with MadCow today
    Snatch 155 x 3. PR when this started was 155 do happy here but wanted my last 2
    Squat 260 x 3. I have been stuck on this weight for a couple weeks
    Bench 215 x 5. Finally got over the hump here as I was stuck on 215 for 2 weeks


  3. Jack H Says:

    Nate – I have a fantastic proposal – you should come to college with me, become a student there, play on our rugby team and then we could room together – no but really you’d be an asset in our pack. That being said – I can vouch, Nate’s a great guy, he’d make for a great roommate.


  4. Erick Says:

    Had to take a break from Madcow due to back pain from the previous weeks wods. I went way to strong with the cleans from tues and ruined myself. I did yesterdays wod, i know i can go harder than that but capping yourself is so hard to do. I now must suffer with rest days until i recover…..boo i wish yoga was during the week this week.. ha


  5. Jason S Says:

    the competitor WoD today was the hardest WOD i have done in the 6 months I’ve been doing this. Took me 29 minutes 30 seconds and had to modify it a little for my shoulder. I dry heaved for the 2nd 2 minute break, and then some… and i wasn’t as hung over as Seth… pretty sure Jack did this 18 minutes or less…freak


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