Thursday 7.19.12

Because of the demand, we are adding a second yoga class this Saturday at 1:30. Sign up now before it fills up.

Coach Matt

hang power snatch

from the knee and from the high hang(hip crease)

work to a heavy 1 of each. Starting with the high hang.

Work on the speed of your first and second pull

“banana split”

Amrap 3 min

10 split jumps

5 push ups

Rest 1 min

Repeat two more times

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3 Comments on “Thursday 7.19.12”

  1. Seth Says:

    Did today’s Comp WOD with pull ups instead of muscle ups (would have been too much on my shoulder). Tough for sure. 12:52.


  2. Bridget Tannian Says:

    Did the Comp WOD. Sort of. With pull ups. I need to work on double unders.


  3. Jason Stefani Says:

    Did comp WOD did 100 singles each round, with 7 Muscle ups, 7 wall climbs. 13m0s


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