Wednesday 7.18.12

Speal talks about the triathlon at the games. The mental fight.
Hey guys,
     Ran the ToughMudder this past weekend with Brittany and couldn’t have felt better. In many of the obstacles, where others dropped, I hung on. I felt awesome clambering over the 12′ walls, going from end-to-end on the monkey bars and sliding all the way across the rope over water. Pretty cool stuff (and considerably easier than 10min AMRAP: 7 KB swings, 7 Box Jumps!). Without a doubt, it’s due to CF.
practice something that needs work
“Hi…My name’s chip”
60 dbl-unders
50 Kettlebell swings
40 toes to bar
30 sdhp
20 calorie row
10 wall climbs
Level I – 120 singles, KBS@35/25, knee tucks, row, :60 sec handstand hold
Level II – 35 dbl-unders and 70 singles, KBS@ 35/25, Knees to chest, SDHP, 65/45, row, 5 wall climb
Level III – dbl-unders, KBS@53/35, knees to elbow, SDHP@75/55, row, wall climb
Level IV – dbl-unders, KBS@70/53, toes to bar, SDHP@95/65, row, wall climb
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5 Comments on “Wednesday 7.18.12”

  1. Raffaele Says:

    “one at a time and just pour my heart into it and let the chips fall where they may”. Quote of the week


  2. Bill Brown Says:

    It’s done. Sara and I are officially registered for the Garage Games @ CFNE on Sept. 8th and 9th. Ready or not, here we come.


    • Gilaad cohen Says:

      Psyched!!! It’s gonna be awesome. I think we have a good amount of athletes competing.


  3. Joe Says:

    Fun morning today! Glad to see the heat isn’t keeping the morning crew away. I’m also pumped to finish week 7 of Madcow and I’m still hitting my numbers. Next week I get to set PRs and do it with sets!!


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