Friday 7.13.12


Robin N


3 rounds

accumulate as much time in 2 min as possible

rest 2 min between rounds

If you can, have  a fellow athlete put a plate on your butt to make it a bit harder.

“Half in the bag”

run 200 meters

15 push-ups

30 overhead lunge steps

run 200 meters

15 push-ups

rest 3 min

repeate for 4 rounds

During your round keep in mind you have a 3 min rest after each round so don’t be afraid to give it a push

Level I – Lunges no weight arms overhead, push-ups, chest  below the elbow or knee push-ups

Level II – Lunges 25/10, push-ups chest below the elbow

Level III – Lunges 35/20, c2d push-ups

Level IV – Lunges 45/25, push-ups with your hands on the plate



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3 Comments on “Friday 7.13.12”

  1. Dan Alting Says:

    Did Wednesdays Strength today hit all my numbers
    190 x 5 squat
    155 x5 press, it took a few attempts to get the 5th. My PR previously was 165 so I am happy about this
    380 x 5 deadlift, previous PR is 405, I would say that has increased


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