Friday 7.6.12

Melanie + Kristen, warming up before some Clean + Jerks


There is no Rx. There shouldn’t be an Rx. If movement is easy, external load is increased. Simple.

The only goal should be efficiency of movement and increased work capacity.


3 rounds

run 400

25 kb sdhp

15 pull-ups

Level I – 35/25, banded pull-ups or jumping pull-ups

Level II – 53/35, pull-ups or banded pull-ups

Level III – 53/35, pull-ups

Level IV – 70/53, c2b



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3 Comments on “Friday 7.6.12”

  1. Chris McCartin Says:

    WOD: 15:57 w/53lbs

    Finally linked 2 kipping pullups together today


  2. Seth Says:

    Hey guys, Super random question but I’m a freelance writer for a health website and I’m currently working on an article about CrossFit. I’m looking to interview a member of CFN, preferably a woman 35+ since that is our core audience. If you’re interested, email me:



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